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Office of the General Manager
The General Manager’s Office is responsible to the Honorable Minister of Agriculture and the BVI Board of Directors for managing the day to day running of the BVI. The General Manager delivers the objectives of the business strategic plan. The General Manager and the Board of Directors are appointed by the Minister. The General Manager is the Qualified Person who authorizes the release of all products for market. 
Technical Division
Technical Operations
This Division is headed by the Technical Manager who is a seconded to BVI by Merial (BVI Strategic Technical Since Inception of BVI in 1978). This team is responsible for vaccine production according to International Standards (OIE and GMP) as per confirmed customer orders, Upkeep of the plant vaccine production. This large department encompasses other departments namely:-
  1. FMD Production – This Department is responsible for Production of Foot and Mouth antigens both purified and non purified which are then blended into final product as per customer requirement. It comprises of Media Team, Cells Team and Virus Zone Team, Purification Team. The Washery Team completes this department .
  2. Other Vaccines Production – This Department is responsible for the production of other vaccines namely Peste Des Petits Ruminants-PPR, Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia-CBPP, Anthrax and Blackquater
  3. Quality Control – This critical Department is responsible for Analytical Quality control of all production steps including final product testing against set International Standards. Main tests on final product include Sterility, Safety and Potency. 
  4. Engineering Department – The function of which is to provide engineering support for all operations & administering the engineering services, equipment maintenance and upkeep of all utilities for a reliable production process. 
Veterinary Department
This Department is responsible for Clinical Quality Control of BVI products. The Department is also responsible for field evaluation of BVI vaccines (Post Vaccination Monitoring) as well as field support for customer’s vaccination programs. The Veterinary Department also assists countries in field investigations of disease outbreaks especially Foot and Mouth Disease. 
Marketing and Sales Department
This Department is responsible for interacting with BVI customers and ensuring that quality products are provided to customer on time and in full ensuring total customer satisfaction. The team is also responsible for carry out the set objectives as outlined in the BVI Marketing Strategy to ensure retention of existing customer and unearthing of new potential customers across the globe. 
 Quality Assurance Safety Health and Environment Department
This Department is responsible for the management of the BVI Quality Management System thus ensuring that customers procure vaccines produces to the highest quality. This Department is also responsible for Biosecurity and BVI has a proud record of being a secure site where there has been no major biosafty accidents or risks.
Procurement and Supplies Department
The major role of this Department is sourcing the highest quality raw materials for use in the BVI production process for vaccines. The Department carries our strict supplier evaluations to ensure that supplies are in line with BVI Quality Management requirements. Raw materials are mainly sourced from Europe and South Africa. 
Finance Department
This Department is responsible for the for ensuring Financial viability of BVI through day to day transactional accounting, management of BVI’s cash flows, preparing budgets and forecasts as well as assisting in key strategic decision making for the short, medium and long term future.
Human Resource and Administration Department
This Department is mandated to manage BVI’s human capital. It is responsible for Recruitment, Employee Relations and Training and Development of BVI staff. 
OIE Reference Laboratory for Foot-and-Mouth Disease
BVI houses and administers the OIE Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Reference laboratory (SSARRL) for FMD since 1985. The core functions of the laboratory in accordance with the OIE mandate are to provide confirmatory laboratory diagnosis of FMD outbreaks to all Member States (MS)  in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly countries in southern Africa; to provide services on FMD laboratory surveillance and post-vaccination monitoring to  MS in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly those in southern Africa; to provide bench training on FMD diagnostic techniques (virus isolation & typing; PCR & sequencing; antibody detection by ELISA and VNT) and harmonization’s of laboratory techniques and methods and to conduct research on FMD and disseminate findings in publications as well as provide annual reports for the activities to the OIE/FAO Reference Laboratory Network.