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Providing Sustainable Animal Health Solutions.

logo home Botswana Vaccine Institute Merial- A Partner of BVI Corporate Certificate

Botswana Vaccine Institute Ltd, was established in 1979
as a commercial company wholy owned by Botswana Government
located in the Broadhurst Industrial Estate, Lejara Road. The institute
is completely self contained; it has all the facilities for typing of
FMD virus, and research for the potency and safety
tests of the vaccine.


The institute produces a range of effective vaccines for diseases ranging from foot and mouth to anthrax. We produce vaccines for the control of transboundary animal disease. To find out more about our vaccines and how to order

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oie reference lab

Our referene laboratory has ben designed to the most advanced specifications available. It services the whole of the Sub-Sahara Africa region and caaries out activities such as virus identification, production and testing of diagnostic reagents; in collabration with other International Reference Labratories.

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